We sell the original Loveknot since 1997.

The Loveknot collection has a very special meaning. Pia Bohlin named the knot the Loveknot because she beleives that LOVE is the highest and strongest force that can heal the world and you have to start by loving yourself . One euro per sold item goes to wellfare like Tibetan schoolchildren or an orphane home in nothern India.

The Loveknotbraclet was first created, one Loveknot soldered together with another Loveknot until a braclet was created. The solid necklace was number two, The Loveknotring is so very popular , also the earrings.

The simple Loveknot with one knot as necklace and one Loveknot together with the Heart One Love as a necklace is the latest creations in the collection Loveknot.

The Yoga collektion is also a very unique and lovely detailed collection of jewelries. For yogalovers or others to get INSPIRED and united by.